COBRA Vs Obamacare: Which is Better?

If you lose your health insurance, you might be scrambling to find suitable Cobra health insurance alternatives. When you lose your job, you have a dozen different worries on your shoulders, adding health insurance to that list is even more stressful. Fortunately, if you lose your employer-based insurance, there might be a way to continue your health coverage with Cobra. However, there are many alternatives to Cobra, such as Obamacare. So, which is better, and what should you choose?

Differences to Insurance Plans

Cobra offers employees the choice to continue with the same health insurance plans they had while employed. You will have eighteen months of insurance coverage; however, you pay the monthly premiums. In some circumstances, you could extend your coverage term for a further eleven months. This is usually designed for those who are disabled. If you were looking at Cobra health insurance alternatives such as Obamacare, you’d have to choose a new plan.

So, you get a choice of plans, and you decide which is best for you. However, you are going to have to understand how each health insurance plan works before deciding. While there are many viable Cobra health insurance alternatives, Obamacare seems to be among the most popular options. The only drawback to Obamacare is that if you choose a different insurance plan but want to be treated by the same doctors as before, it mightn’t be possible. It all has to do with which networks they are associated with. Click here!

Costs May Impact Your Decision

With Cobra, you pay the premiums and there is a small admin fee to pay too. Now, if you are lucky enough to afford those premiums, great. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive, especially if money is tight. Cobra health insurance alternatives may offer the option of a subsidiary, allowing you to see a reduction to your monthly premiums. Money might impact your decision and it’s quite reasonable, especially if you’ve lost your job and have minimal or next to zero income.

Do Cobra Health Insurance Alternatives Offer a Viable Solution?

Health insurance costs can skyrocket in little time and when you’ve lost your employer-based plan, things get even worse. Cobra is a good option for thousands; however, it doesn’t work for everyone and that goes the same with Obamacare and other such alternatives. So, do Cobra health insurance alternatives offer a viable solution to your insurance headaches? Well, in a way, yes. Alternatives, such as Obamacare can be somewhat less expensive and offer suitable cover. Of course, it will depend on your situation and where you currently find yourself. Some prefer Cobra; however, it isn’t for everyone.

Choose What’s Best for You

Insurance can get anyone’s head in a spin and when you lose your current coverage, it’s a nightmare. Fortunately, there are Cobra, Obamacare, and other alternatives to act as a buffer until you find new employment or a private insurance plan. However, this isn’t a decision you should rush into. You should take it slow and carefully consider all options available, so that you find the best. Whether you search for Cobra or Cobra health insurance alternatives, ensure you select the best. Click here to learn more about COBRA:

10 Things You Should Know About COBRA

Cobra health insurance is widely relied on in the USA today. When you lose your job, you don’t just have the stress of having to find another position, but the stress of losing out on your health insurance too. Fortunately, there are ways for you to continue having health insurance coverage until you have a hold on your situation. You may have the option of COBRA; this is health benefits that continue with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). It’s a federal law so may help protect you for a short period. So, what are the 10 things you should know about COBRA?

You May Qualify for 36 Months of Coverage

If you lose your job, through voluntary or involuntary reasons, you will be able to get eighteen months of coverage from COBRA. This is possible as long as you haven’t been dismissed for gross misconduct. However, your children or spouse can get up to thirty-six months of coverage if you’re eligible for Medicare or you pass away. Cobra health insurance may also be able to offer coverage if you separate from your partner.

COBRA Coverage Isn’t Available If Your Company Goes Out of Business

Let’s say you’ve been an employee with the same company for over ten-years. If they go out of business – for whatever reason – and they drop COBRA coverage, you won’t have any health insurance. There is no Cobra health insurance available in these circumstances.

No Cobra Health Insurance If Your Employer Drops Health Insurance

Cobra health insurance may not be available if your employer decides to stop all health insurance groups or benefits. That means COBRA isn’t an option for you. It’s an incredibly frustrating, unfortunately, it does happen. What’s more, if there are fewer than twenty employees, COBRA won’t be available either.

COBRA Benefits Are Lost If You Move Out of the Area

Cobra health insurance has specific coverage areas and that could become a problem if you plan to move anytime soon. For instance, you live in New York city and move to Chicago. You move outside the coverage area and may lose any benefits you were entitled to. It’s vital to know about these things before you move as you may need additional coverage in place.

Alternatives Are Available

While COBRA has become hugely popular over the last few years, more alternatives have come into play. Remember, a few years ago, there were fewer alternatives to Cobra health insurance, fortunately there are more options. This is particularly useful to consider if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on health insurance. More details! 

Premiums Must Be Paid by You

Cobra health insurance isn’t the cheapest health insurance plan. In fact, you must pay 100% of the premiums and a small fee for administration. This is a major drawback of COBRA because it can be an expensive option to look into.

You May Qualify for COBRA If You Receive Disability from the SSA

If you qualify for disability benefits, it’s likely you can receive up to twenty-plus months of COBRA care. However, SSA are the ones to determine if you’re disabled and eligible for COBRA. Cobra health insurance can help a lot of people, but it isn’t without drawbacks, nonetheless.

COBRA Laws Can Vary from State

While there is a federal law at play with COBRA, there are mini laws in each state. That does sound a bit confusing, however, it’s important to understand these laws in your state. For instance, group plans can remain in place for companies with fewer than twenty employees. Cobra health insurance is a little more complex at times, so it’s best to know the latest rules in your area.

Your Rights Remain the Same

A lot of people believe since they have Cobra health insurance, their rights change. However, that is not entirely true. You actually have the same insurance rights as you would have with your former employee health insurance. That does cause a lot of confusion, so it’s good to know these rights remain the same.

The Coverage Period Begins on the Last Day of Your Employment, Even If You Register Late

You have a period of sixty-days to decide if you wish to use COBRA. Regardless of if you chose to enrol in the program on day one or day fifty-nine, your coverage starts immediately. That is useful and something most people don’t realize. However, some wait to enrol into Cobra health insurance as they think it’ll prolong their coverage; it does not.

Know What COBRA Has to Offer

COBRA confused a lot of people. There are a lot of complicated matters surrounding this health insurance coverage, but you can strip it back and find out the most important points. However, it’s important to learn all you can about COBRA so that you can be sure it’s suitable for you. Cobra health insurance does have many positives, so think carefully if it’s right for you. Click here for more information:


Government sponsored health insurance plans are expected to be made affordable and accessible for every citizen. The United States of America is not left out as it has also made such provisions with the likes of COBRA health insurance.

COBRA health insurance plan has become popular over time because most employers now use it. Well, people want to how much it cost before they go into it

What is COBRA?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) was signed into law by the United States government about 2 decades ago. Since then, the program has catered to the health insurance needs of fired, retired, and laid off work individuals. Learn more about COBRA insurance alternatives.

The down side to using COBRA health insurance is that it does not last forever. It is not a permanent insurance plan. COBRA lasts for three years tops depending on the laws guiding the state from which you are from.Before your COBRA plans expires, you are advised to already have an alternative to fall back to. Not having an alternative might delay your registration during enrollment period, causing you to wait till its open. Like they say, a stitch in time, saves nine.


COBRA eligibility

Written below is a list of qualifying events that makes you eligible for COBRA.

  • Private business or companies with more than 20 employees are eligible for COBRA. Employers are advised to offer COBRA coverage to any of their employees that is qualified.
  • If you have been fired, laid off from work, or retired, then you are qualified for COBRA benefits.
  • If you are the wife, husband, child, or relative of a COBRA health insurance beneficiary, then you may be eligible. Click here to get more about COBRA benefits.
  • Divorcees may also enjoy COBRA benefits if their ex husband or wife was a COBRA beneficiary.

Note: In case this list is still not clear, you can talk to the human resources of the company you work in. They are in the best position to tell you if you are qualified or not.

How much does COBRA cost?

COBRA can be quite expensive. It KS expensive because it cover 100% of your health treatment. The amazing thing about COBRA is that your employer caters for 70% of your insurance premium and 30% of your family’s own. So, you might not be really aware of the cost if you are still working under your employer.

Another thing you need to note is that COBRA cost depends largely on the coverage duration. For example, if your plan will last for a year, it will cost 102% of the premium health insurance. Again, ask questions before agreeing to any terms and conditions. Be sure that you can afford it for you and your family. Checkout more about COBRA coat on

Cost of COBRA alternatives

Unfortunately, not all COBRA alternatives are cheap. Most have exorbitant prices especially the plans offered by private insurance companies. However, if you are looking for an affordable and accessible plan, you may want to check the insurance marketplace. You would be offered with a myriad of choices and all you have to do is pick the one you can afford.


With the inception of the pandemic came a whole lot of negative side effects. While few would say they benefitted from it, others beg to differ. The economy of the country experienced a sort of meltdown thereby affecting businesses. This has led to so many employees being laid off their jobs.

Job loss comes with loss of several benefits associated with the lost job. One of such benefits is a health care insurance plan. Now, COBRA health insurance is almost always the way to go. Although COBRA is efficient in itself, it comes at a high cost. What then happens when you cannot afford it?

Well, the answer is not far-fetched as there are several other affordable COBRA alternatives that will suit your needs. Some of these alternatives are given ample explanation below.

Short-term health insurance

This is the first alternative on our list because it can be easily gotten. This option is open to all citizens of the United States. It allows you to fill in the gap between your present insurance plan and that of your new employer.

Within 30 seconds,you can apply and get approved for any plan of your choice. The benefits attached to any plans you settle for begins 24hrs after it is approved. Thereis no time frame or enrollment period with short-term health insurance. Learn more about short-term insurance.

Short-term plans are more affordable than COBRA, but do not cover most of the robust cases it covers. This plan will also cater for your health nerds for only oneyear depending on your state.


ACA health insurance

ACA is an acronym for affordable care act. It was signed into law in 2010 by the Obama administration. That is why it is also called OBAMACARE.

This is the best alternative in case you are seeking a more comprehensible insurance coverage. With this plan, you become eligible by applying through the Marketplace of your state. In this Marketplace, you get to enroll and buy health plans that is established by your state or federal government.

All citizens of the United States are eligible for this plan. To qualify as s citizen, your income must be between 100-400% of the poverty line.  The prices are not cut-throat, as you get to pick the one that you can most likely afford.

Independent health insurance

If you want a better plan than the short-term plan, independent health insurance is the way to go. This alternative is the best incases where your income is not qualified for ACA premium plans.

Independent health insurance is usually purchased from private insurance establishment that are not affiliated with the ACA. These plans are not Marketplace Plans and does not qualify you for premium packages. What you stand to gain is that It is relatively inexpensive and keeps you from paying for COBRA premium. Click here for more about Independent private health insurance.

Professional group plan

There are healthcare plans with low premium rates and this is one of them. The plans are available throughnational organizations that provide benefits for private business owners.

These organizations includes Nationsl Association of the Self-Employed (NASE)and freelancers union.  While NASE has paid membership of $120, freelance union offers free membership.

In conclusion, you do not decide just yet. You can still decide to continue using COBRA.If not you can goahead and purchase one of the alternatives that best suits you and your family.


There are so many personal losses incurred from being laid off from work. Apart from the strains on your financial health, there are other benefits you lose. These benefits are benefits offered to you by your employers because you are their employee. Hence, losing your job strips you of such benefits.

One of such benefits is a group health plan or an employer-sponsored health plan. In a bid to assist individuals in this category, the government set up the COBRA health insurance. It was created in 1985 to cater for the health insurance of both the employed, retirees, and laid-off employees.

As good as it may sound, individuals must be aware of some things about COBRA before subscribing to it. Here, we ask and answer five of such questions to enlighten you on COBRA health insurance. Click here for COBRA alternative costs.

What is the cost of COBRA health insurance?

COBRA is quite expensive because it covers 100% of the costs of your health plan. Some employers cater for the health plan of their employees. They pay a large sum of their employee’s premium health plan and deduct the remainder from their salary.

Usually, employers are responsible for 90% of the premium individual coverage and 30% for family coverage. Well,  you can avoid all of these cost with COBRA. Because COBRA caters for 100% of your premium health plan, only that it costs 5 time higher than your salary deduction.


What is the deadline for COBRA enrollment?

The deadline depends on your position. Employers and employees have different enrollment period and duration.

  • Employer: After losing your job, your employer has 44 days to deliver COBRA information. Also, if your group plan insurance coverage expires, your employer has the same 44 days to send out COBRA information. To be on the safe side, employees should keep checking in with their benefits manager after theyleave.
  • Employee: All employeesthat are eligible for COBRA have 60 days to register for it or any other planafter their benefits is over. Late enrollment does not help you save cost. COBRA policy insists that you still pay your premiums for the period inwhich you were not registered.

Note: COBRA in no waychangesthe benefits you had with your group plan. Rather itkeeps the exact benefits intact. Even if you might want to make changes, you would have to wait till the next enrollment period.

What is the coverage period for COBRA?

One thing youneed to know is that, COBRA is not permanent. It covers you for 2-3 years or even more depending on the state youare in. 

However, within this period of enjoying COBRA benefits, you are advised to find another plan. Learn more about COBRA continuation coverage.

Are there other alternatives asides COBRA after leaving my job?

Fortunately, there are several other alternatives to COBRA after leaving your job. Some of these alternatives includes partners employer-sponsored plan, health insurance market place at, professional group plan, and so on.

What makes me eligible for COBRA health insurance? If the company you work for has more than 20 employees, then you might be eligible for COBRA health insurance. Also, as an employee you must be under your employer’s group health plan.